Tips to Boost up Christmas Sales for ECommerce Retailers

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Shoppers have already begun the Christmas shopping. In case if you haven’t yet updated your eCommerce store for the Christmas duration, don’t worry, There is still some time to make modifications to boost up your conversion this holiday season.

We have a list of 5 techniques that will not take a big amount of your time or resource to put in force. Only a few, easy and clear messaging could make a huge difference!

Christmas Sales

Converting your site into a festive design theme can grab more attention from your users to give them more shopping fun.

Design the homepage and Christmas landing page into different traditional festive colors of gold, silver, red, etc.

Provide your customers with the feel of Christmas. It can help you sell your Christmas proposition.

Run Christmas Offers and Promotions

Use advertising, marketing campaigns and messaging to reach and convey your holiday offers to your customers.

There are various types of offers you could use to raise conversion ratios like inspiring repeat visitors and higher order values.

Here are some of the examples of offers you can run for your customers:

  • Grab a free gift while buying X Product
  • Flat discounts on a certain basket price
  • New deals every day

Make sure your new offers and messages are displayed across your web page. Customers can arrive on your website through many different ways.

Don’t give them a chance to miss your ongoing offers by assuming they’ll see it at the homepage of the site or on offer page.

Show Clearly Christmas Delivery & Dispatch Dates

Shipping is one of the most crucial messages to get right over the festive duration. If customers are not aware of when they will get their orders, they actually won’t make any purchase from your site.

Make sure that your delivery charges and delivery time are easily seen throughout your site, clearly showing the last day of getting their orders delivered before Christmas.

Remember, people may also be purchased at some point of the week from Christmas Day to New Years.

If you close down your fulfillment processes in this duration, let your clients know when they’ll receive their items.

Outstanding & Prolonged Returns and Exchanges

You have to assure your visitors for easily returns & exchanges of goods. It could have a big impact on grabbing more shoppers this Christmas.

Your returns policy should be clearly displayed and easy to find with the delivery information.

Additionally, you can also consider extending the returns duration after Christmas month into January, giving customers the time to send back their bought items.

If you can manage the costing part, you can also provide the free returns to your shoppers for giving them the confidence of shopping during this period.

However, it can have an effect on your profitability and should be decided considering all the factors.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Up-sell

Maybe by offering free shipping, free returns or a large number of sales and promotions -You are sacrificing your sales revenue to get new consumers but here you can consider the lifelong profit of the customers you’ve generated in one of the busiest shopping seasons.

Ensure your remarketing strategies are in the right way and a strong follow-up method to target back in the next month, January sales.

You can send them a voucher with their order allowing them to redeem in January month. This will certainly bring your customer back to your eCommerce store next month.

We hope that this article helps you generate the best traffic to your site and increase in your revenue. Wishing you all a Merry eCommerce Christmas from Quick eSelling!

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