MCommerce in the B2B World

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Digital Transformation is changing how B2B companies conduct business causing them to rethink what their customers value most and reorganize business models to take advantage of what could give them a competitive edge.

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Successful leaders in the industry have been using technology for a long time to help improve efficiency and productivity, optimize supply chains, enter new markets, etc. But what is causing them to rethink the way they do business now is customer expectations and buying behavior. Every customer is also a consumer, and the way the consumers purchase items in the B2C world is causing them to demand the same service and options when purchasing from a B2B seller. We know that 75% of B2B buyers prefer the convenience of purchasing from a website vs a sales representative, and a lot of B2B companies have recognized that and are starting to change the way they do business.

3/4 of global B2B sellers say that websites, mobile sites and apps have become their primary marketing tactics

2/3 use mobile marketing help increase brand awareness

40% PERSONALIZE their mobile web content with known interests of their customers

We can see more and more businesses not only creating a web presence but a mobile presence that allows their customers to utilize their smartphones or tablets to research and purchase products. These stats above show how far B2B sellers have come but we also have to point out that there are many that are still behind the curve in building on websites/mobile content/apps. A recent study done by Regalix found that a lot of B2B companies are looking to focus on development of mobile websites and apps:


The study also showed how these companies manage mobile content:


As consumers become more demanding and change their buying behaviors, so will B2B customers and as we can see, mobile is having a huge impact on B2B operations and commerce.

Source: MCommerce in the B2B World

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