Shoppers look for style, Simplicity and convenience in their Mobile App

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Online clothing vendors have been around for some time, but as an overall e-commerce segment, they have been slow to take off, for obvious reasons.

Unlike books or electronics, clothes aren’t standardized – they’re highly personalized and shoppers often like to try them on before buying, which means it’s a field where bricks-and-mortar stores still rule.

Mobile App

Fashion Shoppers look for style, Simplicity, and convenience in their Mobile App

With a retail mobile app, you can develop a loyalty program whereby, for example, the customers can collect their rewards through a mobile app.

This will entice many customers to download your app and install it on their mobile phones. By these various services online you can use to develop mobile-based loyalty programs for customers in your mobile apps.

Fashion shoppers or your customers look for style, convenience and easy checkout process in their mobile buying experience.

Enhance your shop to your mobile and customers with your own mobile app and see an immediate lift in conversions, building brand and revenue generation.

The Complete Mobile App Solution for Fashion Retailers

QuickeSelling is an e-commerce mobile app platform which is built to enable fashion retailers to launch beautiful iOS and Android apps and a mobile website, with no coding and technology knowledge required.

There will be a complete dashboard where you can manage the whole mobile app – to represent your customers with new and latest products and trends with mobile-optimized, eye-catching images, to send personalized offers, discounts via push notifications, to better craft your own branding for your business with lots of inbuilt marketing tools.

QuickeSelling fashion retailers are moving on mobile with apps that help to connect with customer 24*7 and drive more revenue.


Unique Features:

  • In-App Marketing Tools

           Run Campaigns for discount offers, send daily push notifications, newsletters, send app invitations, create a                  report for a monthly sales report, marketing analytics etc.

  • Easy Payment Gateways:

            Provide an ease to your customers to shop on your mobile app with the secured payment gateways. The                          mobile app will be secured with SSL certified all kind of payments domestic as well as international gateways.

  • Order Tracking

            Your customers can easily track their order by the tracking details through the app.

  • Attributes & Variants

           Offer your products with various options as attributes and variants for customers choices. You can                                   display multiple products option for one product like Size, Color, Type etc

Mobile App

Mobile is driving the biggest Retail and Wholesale growth and business are quickly moving to capture this opportunity. Are You Ready?

QuickeSelling is specially designed to easily pull into your current online store to help your business increase conversions, customer loyalty, and revenue from your mobile traffic.


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