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Whether you do business from a shop, big shopping mall, through social media, or from your home, launching your own APP will always take your business to the next level. If you are into a physical business, this can be your entry into the immense online business opportunities. If you already sell online, this APP will be a full-fledged your own mobile store.

Right time to launch your own Ecommerce App

Your existing customers must also be looking for you on their mobiles and this is the right time to launch your own app. Launching your own mobile store through Quick eSelling platform is totally free. We have an app platform for verticals ready to be launched in six easy steps.

Right Time

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Why you should have your own mobile shop?

On an average, Indian smart phone users spend 4 hours per day on apps. They play games, listen to music, watch videos and the most important thing, they buy from apps. Today almost everything can be bought through apps. Even matrimonial sites have now shifted to apps.

Out of mobile is out of business

If you don’t have your own app for your business, you are losing major mind share of your existing as well as prospect customers. And in business, out of mind is always out of business. Your customers will easily shift to other platforms if they find it more convenient.

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Retain your existing customers

Your existing customers are equally exposed to other businesses on mobiles. In case they don’t find you online, they will easily shift to the competition.

In today’s time of long working hours, traffic, socializing, and busy life, buying through apps is not a luxury but a need. Any business that will not cater to this need will sooner or later fade out. With your own mobile app, your existing customers will always remember you because of your shop on his mobile.

Prospect Customers

Reach out to wider range of prospect customers

With your own mobile shop, your business will never be dependent on your geography. You can do business anywhere from your own mobile shop. You just have to do proper online marketing and promotion of your app and you can sell it to any customer anywhere in the world. You can expand your reach to a wider range of prospect customers.

Mobile Shop

Quick eSelling- The shop for your mobile shop!

Launch your own eCommerce mobile app globally in 6 easy steps with Quick eSelling!

With Quick eSelling, you can have your own eCommerce mobile app in six easy steps.That too for free.With your own mobile app, you can engage your customers directly and reach out to more customers. Your customers can browse your products, order, pay, and get your products at their convenience. Increase their loyalty by continuously promoting your own mobile shop.

Features For Rich Mobile Shop

Push Notification

The app will send notifications to all of your users’ mobile devices.It’s just so simple!


Native App

Customers can download mobile app to their iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Native App

Payment Gateway

Choose from multiple payment options like Paypal, COD, Cheque etc.

Payment Gateway
App Analytics

App Analytics

Data gets surfaced in the report, allowing us to take action quickly
on the information available.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Quickly scans multiple QR code and barcode formats with accurate scanning

Advance Search & Sort

Advance Search & Sort

Explore the power of advanced search and filter option within your app.