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Nova Distributors scales up operations
while cutting operational costs with Quick eSelling

Nova Distributors


Nova Distributors is an established wholesale distributor of general merchandise, OTC medicines, healthcare, wellness, beauty care and household products in the USA. Based in South Plainfield New Jersey, Nova Distributors distributes 3500+ products from a differentiated product range. Having offline distribution model comprising of sales personnel before going mobile via Quick eSelling, the company spent large amount on salary, commissions and emoluments in the past. With the help of a mobile app the company was able to achieve higher levels of customer engagement, increased sales revenues and massive monthly savings on salaries and commissions.

Adopting the E-commerce Route for Enhancing Efficiency & Customer Connect

Being dependent on an offline sales force for business development, Nova Distributors was eager to go the online way for consolidating operations and to make purchases simple for the end-customers. With the help of Quick eSelling online store builder, they were able to integrate an E-commerce mobile app and web store in their existing operations without any technical hiccup.

Nova Distributors App on Mobile



Improved customer connect via push notifications

Instead of relying on an offline workforce to connect with their end-customers, Nova was able to keep them updated about new product additions, latest deals and lots more instantly via push notifications. This made their customers engaged and increased their sales figures.


Streamlined order and inventory management

Quick eSelling’s admin dashboard made it easier for them to integrate their online store and mobile app with their offline operations. This means streamlined order and inventory management without manual intervention.


Secure platform for direct orders

Nova customers began directly placing their online order without needing to meet their sales professionals or making a call. This simplified their ordering experience, enhancing delight and loyalty over a period of time.

Phenomenal Savings & Increased Revenues with Quick eSelling

In a short period of time, Quick eSelling turnkey E-commerce platform empowered Nova Distributors to revamp their sales channel and reduce their sales force from about 16 to only 3 without impacting the revenues. The mobile app and web store gave their customers an easier way to place orders. All this helped the business in reducing operational costs by saving on fixed salaries and variable commissions.


Annual saving in salaries & commissions


Growth in Sales


Customer Retention


Customer Connect

“Quick eSelling helped us to restructure our business and enhance the profitability quotient while giving us a technological facelift. Now our customers are much more satisfied and happier because of our revamped online model powered by the Quick eSelling platform.”

Hemant Sanghvi, President, Nova Distributors

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