Why Quick eSelling

Convert your physical store into a mobile shop with features that attract, engage and retain your customers.

With Quick eSelling as your partner, focus on your core business while we take care of the technology.

Quick eSelling is a powerful mobile e-commerce solution created for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to give them the ability to build intuitive mobile apps for smartphones and tablets without any coding. Quick eSelling helps you drive revenues and enhance your customer loyalty through extraordinary mobile commerce platforms. Create a memorable mobile experience and delight your B2B and B2C customers with Quick eSelling e-commerce solution within 10 minutes.


Single Dashboard for Cross-platform Applications

With Quick eSelling, any retailer can launch mobile apps for Android® or iOS® along with responsive mobile shop, all from a single admin dashboard. This means ultimate convenience plus excellent control.

Go Mobile in Just 10 Minutes

Quick eSelling empowers you to launch mCommerce apps and mobile websites in just 10 minutes without needing to write a single line of code. While we handle all the technical aspects and integrations, you can just focus on engaging your customers and driving more sales. Save 10x the cost of development and launch right away!

Nurture Customer Loyalty

With a complete suite of powerful marketing tools, you can attract customers, drive more sales and keep them hooked day-in and out, without needing to go anywhere. This will not only help you increase the customer delight by giving them the chance to shop with ease but also let you retain the customer and increase brand loyalty.

Completely Free

Who says enterprise-level technology needs to be costly? Well, we make it accessible to your small/mid-sized or home business without any cost. Stop investing your capital towards development and get a high-end, feature-rich E-commerce mobile app for free with Quick eSelling in just 10 minutes.

Efficient B2B/B2C Solutions

Quick eSelling is a holistic solution that caters to the dynamic needs of both B2B as well as B2C segments. Using advanced technology, we empower your B2B/B2C business to go mobile, grow revenues and start gaining customer loyalty without much effort.

Continuous Upgradation for Best Experience

We love feedback and keep on improving our proposition based on your insights & our observations. This ensures the best results for your online business in the form of higher revenues, improved customer engagement and better future sales prospects.

Excellent Support Through Thriving Developer & Retailer Community

With thousands of retailers using Quick eSelling online store builder for growing their B2B and B2C business and a dedicated team of developers committed to improving the platform, you get everything you need, right at the tap of a button

Time to lead the Way by Optimizing Mobile Experience.

Make shopping a delightful experience for your customers with this new growth channel!

Quick eSelling is loved and appreciated by thousands of retailers, B2B/B2C businesses and wholesalers, globally. Not only does our technology help you go mobile but become optimized for the best results. Designed specifically to promote customer engagement through intuitive mobile experience, our technology helps you stand out and lead the way for mobile commerce success.

Optimized Conversion Rates

Believing in continuous evolution, websites & stores developed using Quick eSelling are updated and optimized daily to give you maximum results in the form of improved sales and better engagement.

Amplifying Customer Loyalty

With powerful in-built marketing tools, retailers can interact and engage buyers, build long term relationships and drive customer loyalty.

Data-driven Conversion Engine

Leveraging Big Data analytics, we analyze the performance and usability test results gathered from continuous testing that helps us enhance the conversion metrics, ultimately improving your sales figures.

Mobile SEO-optimization

Enriched with SEO-optimization capabilities, our platform creates rich snippets to help your store rank higher in search results and get discovered by your customers.

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