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Users Feel More Informed Because of Mobile Apps When It Comes to Automobile Industry

automotive mobile app

59% shoppers

go online to research about cars & automotive products

53% customers

use mobile phones to learn more about car models and products

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For an automotive retailer, keeping customers engaged in a competitive era can be challenging. With a branded mobile app equipped with features such as advanced product search, QR Code scanner and easy checkout options, offer unlimited convenience to your shoppers. Let them explore exclusive products via mobile and see them coming for more when you offer them an exciting mobile shopping experience through your app.


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Apps powered by Quick eSelling keeps customers hooked through an intuitive AI and lots of exciting features.


Exclusive Product Updates

Customers can be informed about the latest product additions through push notifications that improve engagement and conversion.


Drive customer loyalty

Staying in the mobile device of customers gives you the chance to earn long-term customer loyalty


Higher Sales Revenues

At a fraction of the cost of conventional app development, Quick eSelling can increase your sales prospects phenomenally.

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