Take your wholesale business online with Quick eSelling

Just like any other business, a wholesale or B2B business also needs to offer digital excellence in the modern era. With Quick eSelling B2B E-commerce platform, you can take your business online and serve your clients 24/7 in a faster, better and more efficient way.

Online Channel: Best Way to Grow Your Wholesale Business

$ 7.6 Trillion

Global B2B Online Sales Figures in 2017


Retailers & B2B buyers use the internet to discover new products


Buying decisions were taken even before talking to a wholesaler

Exclusive features to accelerate wholesale business operations

Enterprise-Grade B2B E-commerce Platform

Give your customers round the clock access to your entire product range and empower them to order online from anywhere, anytime, just like any B2C store.

Exclusive Marketing & Promotion Dashboard

Increase engagement and sales through targeted and flexible marketing campaigns personalized for your customers.

Smart analytics dashboard

Keep an eye on every aspect of your wholesale business, from orders to customers, inventory and more with Quick eSelling dashboard.

Intuitive eCatalog

Enhance your customer experience and delight with a user-friendly eCatalog interface.

Real-time Product & Inventory Information

An integrated inventory management system that allows you to stay on top of every inventory movement and get real-time updates on available quantity in stock.

Automated Wholesale Order Management

Right from onboarding to purchase, tracking to reordering, everything with Quick eSelling platform is automated, meaning minimal human intervention & fewer chances of errors.

Start Your Wholesale Business Easily

Use your existing infrastructure, branding, inventory and data to start an online storefront for your wholesale operations.

Get Going in Just a Few Hours


Quick eSelling can help you launch your wholesale store including a website and a mobile app in a few hours. What’s more, you can use your existing inventory and order management solutions with our deep integration capabilities.