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10 Steps Towards the Start of a Fashion eCommerce Store

September 6, 2021

The fashion ecommerce business is a class apart from others. It’s a brutally competitive online business. Selling clothes virtually is nothing new. But there are certain distinguishing factors that let consumers discriminate between brands. As far as time is considered, setting up an apparel ecommerce business is no big deal. It might require a countable number of days. 

This guide will help all the new entrants in the fashion industry to start a fashion ecommerce store with ease.

Steps for building a fashion ecommerce business

Decide on your expertise

When you are about to start your apparel ecommerce business, you need to have your goals and target audience clear. These two parameters determine the niche segment of your business. All this is needed because not every other individual has the same dressing style. So respect the individuality of customers to target them specifically. Few tips and tricks for defining your niche are:

  • Identify your own taste towards fashion. If you are passionate about something, it becomes easy to transform it into a profession. Choose the line of fashion you are most comfortable in. 
  • Fashion industry is a highly competitive market. There are exclusive brands for every fashion wear like jewellery, clothing, shoes, bags and more. Therefore, you need to add a cause to your business. It can be to save the planet, by promoting the use of recyclable fabric or any such socially motivating cause. 
  • Don’t be a copycat. Maintain your uniqueness, irrespective of its scale. Sometimes even the simplest initiative turns out to be a game changer. 

Decide on your domain name

The second step is to decide on your custom domain name. A customized domain name gives your business a brand identity. It adds on to the recognition and credibility of your business. The domain name creates a space for your business in the virtual world. Things to remember:

  • You need to ensure that your domain name is easy to remember and recall.
  • It should be unique and not rhyme or resemble any preexisting domain name.
  • Your brand name should incorporate scalability. It should not become obsolete or inappropriate once the business expands.

Choose a suitable ecommerce platform

Now is the time to concentrate on the choice of the ecommerce platform. Choose an ecommerce platform that is suitable for you. Quick eSelling eCommerce platform fashion brands, retailers and B2B/B2C merchants to go online by launching their own Online E-commerce store without coding. The platform has 100’s of features that include multiple payment gateways, multilingual, engaging checkout, push notifications, exclusive app-only promotion deals, etc.

Few other examples of successful ecommerce platform includes: WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, JigoShop, etc. 

Design the website 

Be practical and realistic when you start a fashion ecommerce store. Only a few platforms allow you to create a storefront from the basics. Such platforms are excellent for those who wish to customize every section of their online business. 

There are other ecommerce platforms who provide you with a pre-designed template for making a quick start. You can choose the style sheets and design as per your needs.

Content is the king. Therefore, put some smart work along with hard work on crafting a luring content copy. Outsource this task if needed. The other things to be considered in an ecommerce platform are navigation, enabling partners, and checkout process.

Furnish the product page

You are in a business where people value you based on your aesthetics. Therefore, you can not risk your business with a low-quality product page. As you think to start a fashion ecommerce business, you need to create the first impression. 

An elegant and eye-catchy product page attracts more customers. Therefore, present your products in a manner, with an easy check in and check out option.

Add products

Now that you already have your product page, it’s time to list your products. Pay attention to your product names and respective descriptions. The descriptions should be of wonderful quality and well optimized.

For example, in the case of fashion apparels, your description should include size chart, color options, fabric detail, washing instruction and more. The image displayed should have a 360 degree view. You can also show your fabric sample on different skin tones for a more detailed view. The lightning effect on the photograph should be a natural one. Don’t forget the pricing. If there are extra delivery charges, mention that too. If there is a sale or promo code offered, highlight them with the use of stickers.

Add customer support

Making your brand listen to customers even after the sale and purchase transaction is over is what customers will always appreciate about your brand. Therefore, excellent customer service is vital for your business.

Enable customer reviews

The research quotes that 88% of customers trust online reviews of previous customers to make their purchase. 90% of consumers study online reviews before visiting the brand URL, and 72% of customers make purchase decisions only after spotting positive reviews.

Therefore, it is suggestive to enable customer reviews on your apparel ecommerce business platform for pulling in more customers.

Add affiliation program

Take help of the blogs on other sites to promote your products and webpage. But this task of finding the most appropriate virtual platform for promotion is not an effortless task. It demands a lot of time and patience. 

Therefore, you need to go with the affiliation services that let the user share its products on other sites and blogs for some commission for every single sale.

Market the website

Now that you have a good-looking website and product page all set, its time to market yourself and let the target audience know about you. Social media, outstanding quality blog content and emails are few trending marketing tools used by existing fashion brands to reach their audience.

One can also make use of push ads for more effective promotion. Search engine optimization is another significant aspect of your fashion eCommerce website. It increases the quality of your site and makes it more user-friendly plus search-engine friendly.


The above mentioned are the key steps that can help you start a fashion eCommerce store. However, if you do not wish to take the hassle of flawlessly stepping on each step, simply contact Quick eSelling hosted free ecommerce platform. We will design the site that fashionistas love to explore.