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September 16, 2019

Jewelry business is as glittering as the products traded in the industry. According to a report by McKinsey, the global sales figures in the jewelry segment will cross $300 billion by 2020. With the growth and penetration of the internet, a new era has begun in the jewelry segment.

People are also beginning to prefer buying precious gems and jewelry products online owing to the convenience, variety and security of online transactions. In fact, the same McKinsey report reveals that the share of online eCommerce stores will increase to double by the end of 2020.

Clearly, the future of jewelry retail is in starting an online jewelry website/app. Many large players already have their dedicated jewelry eCommerce platforms.

With the growing consumer demand in favor of an omnichannel experience, several jewelry businesses are planning to launch its own jewelry eCommerce website or mobile app.

Growth of Omnichannel Approach in Jewelry Segment

Jewelry brands are increasingly investing in the digital channels for brand building, customer servicing and offering a delightful omnichannel shopping experience to the customers.

About two-thirds of the jewelry buyers engage in online research before deciding to buy jewelry from an offline store. They search online, via search engines and social media channels to discover the latest trends, information, and credible reviews and advice.

The transitioning consumer behavior is further fueling the need for an omnichannel business model with eCommerce and online operations at the heart of everything.

How to start selling jewelry online?

Jewelry business is one of the most lucrative of them all, owing to high product margins. If you are already operating an offline store, then starting an online jewelry website/app will be an appropriate future business move.

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Before you think of starting an omnichannel eCommerce store, here are a few benefits you must know of selling jewelry online:

  • Convenient Logistics: Sending jewelry via modern shipping methods is not only secure but also very easy. As there are low chances of breakage or damage, it is beneficial for you as a seller to start your online operations.
  • Unlimited Range: An online storefront gives you an option of offering a wide range of diversified jewelry products on a single platform. You don’t need to invest in a physical space, security or even large amounts of inventory to market your range online.
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As you can see, these two benefits are enough for you to launch your online operations. So, to begin with, the process you need an online storefront, preferably with omnichannel support. For example, you would want to launch your jewelry eCommerce website and mobile app to target more potential customers.

The best way to launch an online business in the jewelry domain is to leverage one of the readymade jewelry eCommerce website and apps platforms like Quick eSelling. Quick eSelling is a dynamic jewelry eCommerce platform that allows you to start an online jewelry store without any coding and within a few hours.

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Quick eSelling is a remarkable solution that allows jewelry stores to launch their omnichannel operations without much fuss. Using the Quick eSelling platform, jewelry business owners can leverage the massive digital opportunity in the eCommerce segment.

Quick eSelling enables you to launch a feature-rich eCommerce store and a mobile app that helps you grow your revenues by opening new avenues for sales and marketing.

With an intuitive user interface, strategic marketing tools, central dashboard, and unique features to launch and promote new product range, Quick eSelling makes it easier to drive omnichannel eCommerce efforts for a jewelry business. Discover more on how Quick eSelling can help you start an online jewelry website and launch a mobile app and begin your omnichannel growth journey now.

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