Digitization is transforming the B2B eCommerce – Start Your Online B2B Business

September 12, 2019

Digitization is not an abstract concept like it was a few decades ago. While for the retail segment, it has paved the way for enormous opportunities, eCommerce and digitization have sprung up several challenges for the conventional B2B segment. Not every wholesaler is ready to launch their own online B2B eCommerce portal and that’s what is stopping them from growing in the modern era.

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According to a McKinsey report, companies that take the digital initiative in the B2C domain generate five times more revenue than their offline counterparts.

Well, digitization surely isn’t a fantasy but a reality now. But not every organization is keen on digital approach. The major reasons for this ignorance are the lack of a digital strategy or non-availability of modern technology for these B2B businesses.

Many B2B companies have planned extensively to launch eCommerce platform for wholesale business, but only a few have succeeded. But this ignorance doesn’t keep them protected from the dynamic environment where customers look for simple, easy and convenient ways to make B2B purchases.

The Digital Effect

B2B buyers are hooked to the idea of B2B eCommerce platform. They want similar shopping experience like buying on Amazon, Aliexpress and other consumer eCommerce website, even for their B2B needs.

According to Forrester surveys, 92% of B2B buyers research for purchases using Amazon and 82% even end up buying from Amazon itself.

The growing inclination towards customer experience has surely triggered a paranoia among B2B businesses who are continuously looking to digitize their operations by starting a B2B online store.

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The digital storefront not only improves customer experience but leads to an increase in revenues, too. The same Forrester research concludes that B2B customers who use digital platforms end up buying more products, stay engaged for a longer time, are open to trying new products and are more likely to become loyal customers.

Solving common B2B business problems with an Online Store

Launching a B2B online store can help merchants in streamlining their business operations, achieving unprecedented efficiencies and satisfying B2B customers in a better way.

As everything is online, it is easier for business owners to keep an eye on operations and make changes to their operations according to the dynamic customer needs. Further, B2B online stores help by providing an option to:

  • Improve Supply Chain Management Operations: An online eCommerce platform automates order management tasks and integrates with ERP solution to optimize the entire supply chain. With automated updates at every step of order processing, there are no chances of discrepancies due to human error.
  • Transparent Pricing: B2B eCommerce platform allows business owners to delight their customers by providing a transparent pricing and quote model. As everything is easily accessible online, customers are happy to self-service their queries regarding pricing and other issues.
  • Shipping & RMA: The entire logistics process gets better owing to online operations. From tracking of cargo to return merchandise authorization (RMA) everything can be handled via a single dashboard.
  • Better Customer Service: An online B2B eCommerce platform allows customers to quickly connect with the customer service department and at the same time enables businesses to manage customer grievances efficiently, which boosts customer delight and satisfaction.

The need for B2B eCommerce platform for wholesale businesses is real and urgent. But how should you start with your eCommerce platform?

Should you invest heavily in the development of an eCommerce store?

What should be your digital strategy?

How should you market and promote your digital B2B eCommerce platform?

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