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How Quick eSelling Stacks up against other FREE eCommerce platform like Shopify or Square?

April 5, 2022

The door to becoming an entrepreneur and opening your eCommerce store has become easily accessible and fashionable in the recent few years. More and more entrepreneurs are entering this realm and leveraging the opportunity to create a successful eCommerce business for their enterprise. 

A big credit must be given to various free eCommerce platforms available online that have helped thousands of organizations to commence their venture of selling products online. 

However, have you ever wondered if these eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Square are really free? Though they broadly advertise that users can avail of eCommerce services for free on their platform, the truth is their free services come with a baggage of restrictions. 

You may initiate your store on their platform for a minimal cost, after which the real journey of hosting charges, monthly fees, commission charges, product limitations, etc., comes into play. In all, the costs of the services turn out to be really hard on your business expenditure, depleting a great margin of your profits. 

To save your business from these unforeseen charges and expenditures, Quick eSelling is the best free eCommerce platform that is genuinely made for your enterprises to grow at a cost-effective price. So let us discover how Quick eSelling is different from all other FREE eCommerce platforms. 

How do Free eCommerce Platforms Make Money?

eCommerce platforms serve as a catalyst for other online businesses to thrive and grow. However, they are a business themselves. It means that they, too, need to make money and run their enterprise.

Free eCommerce platforms  usually earn money through the following ways:

  • Subscriptions

The fundamental way a free eCommerce platform makes money is through user subscriptions. The platform registers the users on their platform and charges them for using its services. It may include the cost of setting up an application, website hosting, etc. 

  • Commissions

Earning commissions on the product sold by the seller is another way through which free eCommerce platforms make a substantial amount of money. Depending upon the product category, the ecommerce platform may charge the registered sellers a specific percentage of commission, on the value of the product sold. The commissions typically range between 5%-30% on different platforms. 

  • Application Building

Having an app for your Online Store is a must if you want to excel in your business. eCommerce platforms don’t leave this opportunity to earn and ask for a good amount of money from the clients to build their ecommerce mobile applications.

  • Marketing Tools 

Many free ecommerce software fairly understands the game to become successful in the digital world. Online businesses can’t grow unless they have sufficient audiences regularly viewing their products. eCommerce platforms offer numerous marketing tools on their platform and charge their users to use those tools to help them find insights and generate sales for their store.  

  • Logistics

Delivering your product safely and securely to the buyer is immensely important. That is why the eCommerce platforms provide this service to their clients at an additional price and make sufficient money on each shipped order. However, many free ecommerce platforms overcharge for this service, due to which the users have to pay substantially higher costs. 

What is Different with Quick eSelling?

As described above, how various free eCommerce platforms make money to run their business. Then you must be thinking about why Quick eSelling stands out among other free ecommerce platforms and what makes it so different from others. 

Well, let us consider the below given pointers to answer this question for you:

Free Set-Up for eCommerce Website with Mobile App:

Unlike all other free eCommerce software, Quick eSelling is an ecommerce platform that offers you the advantage of setting up your own eCommerce Store via Native Mobile Android app entirely free of cost. The platform creates an application for your store, which you can leverage to list your products and sell them to the users. 

Zero Monthly Subscription Fees:

One of the primary reasons the demand for Quick eSelling is extensive is that it offers numerous practical and useful features to build your online store at zero cost. Though Quick eSelling have various subscription plans designed for different business needs, their fundamental eCommerce plan is totally free. It provides all the necessary features such as QR scans, the listing of products, user notifications, and more without any monthly charges.   

No Commission Charges:

As opposed to other free eCommerce platforms, a great benefit that draws user’s attention to Quick eSelling is their zero commission policy. Ecommerce Platforms like Square, Shopify, Amazon, etc., do not connect you directly to the customers and keep them in between the transaction as a mediator and cost coming on the deals. However, with Quick eSelling free ecommerce platform, you get your own brand shop from where you can directly acquire orders and sell products without any kind of commission fees. 

Configuration of your Own Custom Domain:

Most eCommerce hosting platforms hesitate to provide the users with their own identity and domain name in the free plan. This is so because it may lead to loss of business for them as the customer may directly purchase from the brands. Whereas, Quick eSelling doesn’t go this route and offers its users the prerogative to customize their own domain name and design in the free plan.  

Free Push Notifications:

Push notifications can significantly increase the traffic on your website and turn your viewers into customers. When you choose Quick eSelling as your free eCommerce platform for online business, you can send ten push notifications per month to the users at zero cost and turn your audience into buyers.  

Addition of 1000 Products:

Having a variety of products in your store is crucial to the varying demands of the public and for the right sales strategy. However, most eCommerce platforms leverage this opportunity and come up with 50 or 100 products addition limit, due to which you have to pay more money. Conversely, Quick eSelling gives you the freedom to add 1000 products to your ecommerce store in the free plan.    

Multiple Payment Gateways at a Free Cost 

Countless statistics suggest that a significant number of customers abandon the product or discard their cart at the payment gateway page due to the unavailability of their preferred payment channel. Quick eSelling ensures that their client stores do not face such problems and provides all major payment gateways in their app so that shoppers can shop stress-free. 

Ready to Start Your Online Store?

We hope that you, too, are willing to start your store and enter the world of online shopping. If so, then you are now aware of a plethora of things that must be kept in mind before choosing your free eCommerce software. Quick eSelling is the leading platform for starting your own store at almost zero price. If you have doubts about the process and need guidance, you may get in touch with our expert team and explore more about Quick eSelling. Good Luck!

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