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Best WooCommerce Alternative in 2021: Quick eSelling vs WooCommerce

March 28, 2021

In this digital age, the need for businesses to have an online presence is indispensable. Consumer shopping behavior has immensely changed in the recent few years. As per Statista, the number of digital buyers in 2021 is expected to reach 2.14 billion. That makes it essential for businesses to have their digital platforms to conduct their business operations if they want to sustain in the global market economy. 

Getting your own eCommerce platform in today’s time is not that hard. A leading eCommerce development company with an experienced team of developers has proven expertise in providing eCommerce development services. Several eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Quick eSelling, Magneto, etc. enables business owners to build future-proof online Stores without the need for having any technical knowledge.

WooCommerce is the most dominating platform amongst all of them. However, when compared in-depth, there are various WooCommerce alternatives that can be much better than it. Quick eSelling is one of the best WooCommerce alternatives in 2021. In this article, we will provide you with some of the valid reasons why you should choose Quick eSelling over WooCommerce to start your eCommerce business. Let’s begin!

How Quick eSelling is a Better Choice Over WooCommerce?

The high-end features and swift workability of the Quick eSelling platform is the fundamental reason that provides it with an edge over WooCommerce. Other than that, the following reasons will help you comprehend why Quick eSelling is a better choice over WooCommerce in 2021: 

  • Highly Variable Development Cost of WooCommerce

The operational and the setup costs for websites developed by WooCommerce are fairly higher than that of sites developed by Quick eSelling. Though WooCommerce doesn’t charge any fees itself, to run your eStore, you need to pay various other fees and costs. 

Those include costs for hosting and domain, WooCommerce theme prices, store management prices, security and maintenance prices, store customization prices, etc. Overall, the prices may vary from $3-$5000.

  • Unlike WooCommerce, Quick eSelling is a Readymade Solution for eCommerce

Another factor that differentiates Quick eSelling from WooCommerce is its ability to work as a standalone eCommerce platform. Unlike WooCommerce in which you need to develop a website from scratch, Quick eSelling offers its users the ability to use their pre-built eCommerce web application. 

The readymade ecommerce platform is embedded with all the required features needed to run a full-fledged eCommerce store. Additionally, you get an option to customize the website as per your needs. If not, you can simply use the pre-developed interface of its own. 

  • Easy Learning Curve Compared to WooCommerce

WooCommerce is based on PHP. Though, the platform in itself does not require deep knowledge of the language. However, the documentation may sometimes require you to figure out the complexities for which PHP knowledge is needed. 

On the contrary, Quick eSelling is easy to use SaaS platform that fully works on the concept of drag and drop. Moreover, the reliable customer support offered makes it easier for the users to learn and use the platform as per their comfortability. 

  • Dedicated Support of Tech-Savvy Experts

WooCommerce competitor, Quick eSelling is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms. One of the prominent reasons is its excellent dedicated support that it offers to its users. While using the platform for your eCommerce store or even when developing a website through the platform, if you witness any issue, the tech experts of the organization help you through phone, email, or live support channels. Besides, it also provides free training when you start building your eStore using the platform. 

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  • Lack of CRM Support in WooCommerce

Quick eSelling is a better WooCommerce alternative as apart from multiple other essential features, it also provides the users with customer relationship management (CRM) support. CRM helps manage an organization’s relationships with customers and potential customers. 

By studying customer data insights and implementing the right strategies, CRM works towards providing profitability to the organization.  

  • Quick eSelling is a One Stop Solution for your eCommerce Needs

When you build a web store using WooCommerce, you need to time and again switch to new places in order to make your website work. Firstly, you will require a host and domain from an external source to successfully run your website. Then external tools and plugins may be required for adding additional functionality. 

Conversely in Quick eSelling, everything is embedded in one place from hosting to working to maintenance and you do not need to switch to a different place for seamlessly running your store.

Quick eSelling Vs WooCommerce: Tabular Comparison

Check out the given comparison of Quick eSelling Vs WooCommerce given below:

Quick eSellingWooCommerce

Start Free or at $199Based on Quote
Feature ListData Security
Email Marketing
Inventory Management
Multi-Channel Marketing
Mobile Access
Promotions Management
SEO Management
Reviews Management
Data Security
Inventory Management
Email Marketing
Promotions Management
Mobile Access
SEO Management 
Returns Management
Reviews Management 
Help Scout
Amazon Payments
Microsoft Dynamics
Device SupportMac
Live Online
Customer SupportPhone
Email Help Desk
FAQ Forum

Wrapping Up

Amongst all WooCommerce competitors, Quick eSelling eCommerce Platform is one such platform that is remarkably user-friendly and has workable features for all kinds of eCommerce needs. In addition, the extraordinary support offered by the tech experts makes the platform superior and reliable to any other existing platform. So get in touch with Quick eSelling and see for yourself how this incredible platform can ignite your journey to become an eCommerce success at 2021.