quickeselling and payu partners

When Efficiency Meets Scale – In a Mission to Digitize India, PayU and Quick eSelling Join Hands.

September 10, 2020

One of the largest payment processing platforms in the world, PayU, has partnered with Quick eSelling online store builder. This partnership has been created at the behest of a mutual understanding that will allow both the technology pioneers to empower the wide base of merchants working with their respective platforms.


PayU operates in 50+ markets, has over 3000 employees, and has posted 30% annual growth consistently. The company is considered one of the leaders in the payment processing, eCommerce payment gateway, and fintech space. It has already been working with several leading eCommerce platforms to get a more efficient, standardized, and reliable payment gateway. The company also helps eCommerce platforms provide value-added services using the payment processing technology on the PayU platform.

Quick eSelling is one of the fastest-growing hosted eCommerce platforms in the world. It has helped thousands of merchants set up an online store. The functionalities and features available on the platform like the integrated multichannel CRM, quick setup, customer group management, in-built logistics, and GST cost calculator, and help the merchants launch a functional eCommerce store in a matter of minutes.

The partnership between both the giants will help the merchants get a multitude of benefits in the form of:

1. Wider Range of Acceptable Payment Options. Most vendors want to have a wider range of payment options available on their platform. However, for each major payment option, merchants often have to go through a separate process. By the time a merchant finishes integrating all the available payment options, many resources have been spent in just the integration of all the alternatives.

PayU solves that problem by bringing all the leading payment options like UPI, Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe easily accessible to the merchants using Quick eSelling.

2. Faster Processing for Same-Day Settlement. Many merchants who prefer going through their books and inventory often have to wait for their payment processing gateway to give them confirmation of which trades have been accurately settled. Quick eSelling merchants will not face that issue. With PayU’s same-day settlement, you can close all the books for the day and have an accurate understanding of receivables and payables.

3. Accepting International Payments. Global expansion ambitions should not be hindered by a payment gateway charge. Quick eSelling already helps its merchants provide a globally-revered eCommerce experience. With PayU, accepting international payments has also emerged as an easy to access feature.

4. Bulk Payments and EMI Options. Many B2C and B2B buyers would demand either bulk payments or an EMI option. From a merchant’s standpoint, this poses significant operational challenges since the merchant has to keep track of each payment and pay attention to customer credit. PayU streamlines the entire process and empowers your payment system to offer easy bulk payment options and EMI options to the customers who have fulfilled certain criteria set by your team.

5. Payment Options Links Sent Via WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Instagram. One of the most innovative forms of accepting payments comes in the form of sending payment links. With PayU integration, all Quick eSelling merchants will accept payments using links sent via social media and SMS.

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