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B2B eCommerce in 2021 – Things to Consider When Starting B2B eCommerce Store

December 22, 2020

The rapidly changing trends of the online marketplaces have entirely remodeled the B2B eCommerce situation in the world. The global B2B eCommerce market is bigger than ever before and valued at US$12.2 trillion in 2019. The B2B stores have leveled up their online presence considering the insights of various surveys that suggest an increase in online sales of B2B eCommerce by 25%.

Source: NetSolutions

Seeing this rising demand, B2B businesses are looking for a more straightforward approach to conduct their businesses. B2B customers seek ease of shopping while they deal with brand owners, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Therefore, it is essential to know and understand the various B2B eCommerce features and trends before starting a B2B eCommerce store for your business.

So let us move ahead and explore some of the important trends that will help you run a successful B2B eCommerce store. 

Demanding Features for Your Online B2B eCommerce Store in 2021:

You must adopt several digital strategies for your B2B eCommerce store in order to stay ahead of your competitors and provide a seamless customer experience to the users. The following features will help you have a broader idea:

●    Fully Managed Website and Mobile App

The foremost thing you should start with is developing a personalized, fully functional website and mobile app for your online Store. A well designed and easy to operate website provides better growth opportunities for your business. Besides, make sure to create a mobile app for the B2B business.

Mobile commerce is continuously growing, and more people now prefer shopping online through their mobiles. Modern B2B buyers expect the same level of ease and convenience as a customer ordering online through their phone. So you need to choose an online B2B software like Quick eSelling that comes with a powerful CRM where you can manage orders, return, inventory, customers, etc. from a single dashboard.

●    Omnichannel Experience

Integration of omnichannel strategies into your B2B business model is of immense value right now. Customers have countless shopping options in today’s time and only an overwhelming experience with your product can let them stay loyal to your brand.

Creating a strong brand imprint on customers is more difficult due to the high competitive environment all around. Therefore, you must be prepared to use every potential medium from social media to email to provide a seamless brand engagement with clients. Hence making the omnichannel sale, an integral part of your business strategy.

●    Unlimited ERP/Third-party APIs Integrations

When it comes to building a successful store for B2B eCommerce in 2021, an essential parameter to consider is streamlining the external sources of data. An online business is not a standalone entity and needs constant synchronization with multiple technologies such as ERP, payment gateways, Tax APIs, and more.

All these integrations help running smooth operations and offer improved customer experience. So it is extremely crucial that your B2B ecommerce platform that you choose to build your B2B website can be easily integrated with a high number of third party API’s.   

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●    Multiple Payment Options

You must be thoroughly acquainted with numerous payment options before starting B2B eCommerce store. Nowadays, there are a plethora of modes of payment available to the consumer. They can pay through cod, e-banking, and even through their mobile wallets.

However, business payments in B2B firms are a little different. As the business requirements are more vast, B2B businesses use the following payment methods:

  1. Purchase Order
  2. Traditional Trade Credit
  3. Paper Checks
  4. Cash on Delivery
  5. Mobile Wallets
  6. Credit Card
  7. Instant Credits

●    Marketing Features

Like any other eCommerce business, marketing is one of the critical aspects of a B2B eCommerce in 2021. A right and planned marketing strategy can provide a great push for your eStore to establish its name in the market. As per Statista, over 57% of B2B buyers are willing to buy products online.

So it is necessary for you to implement the best marketing strategies that can redefine your online presence and attract potential clients for your business. Some of the best marketing techniques include:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Account-Based Marketing    
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Loyalty Programs

●    Meaningful Data & Analytics

Data analytics is a vital B2B eCommerce component that every online business must include in their business strategy. The need for every business today is to offer a simple and more personalized shopping experience to its customers.

This can be achieved using the insights from accumulated user data in your data libraries. Make sure the B2B ecommerce platform that you choose, comes with an intuitive admin panel where you can analyze the data to send target product recommendations or remarket to the customers based on their previous shopping and other consumer behavior. 

●    Customizable & Scalable Platform

An important factor that most B2B businesses overlook while designing their eCommerce store is the need for scalability and customization. If all your marketing strategies work well, the traffic of your web store would exponentially grow. When this happens, you must be ready to scale up your app and website with high-traffic capabilities.

Also, sometimes you might have to customize your app’s interface due to specific customer demands. To ensure the smooth working of your B2B online store, build infrastructure that is flexible and competent enough to handle any problems at later stages.

Start a Future Proof B2B eCommerce Store with Quick eSelling

One of the best and efficient ways to build a successful B2B eCommerce store is to collaborate with a technological firm that is proficient in this area. Quick eSelling is an exceptional platform that can help you build and thrive your eCommerce store using advanced tools and technologies.

The experienced tech-savvy experts of Quick eSelling specializes in developing a feature-rich platform for B2B businesses of all types. Following are the striking features of Quick eSelling B2B platform:

  1. Stunning e-Catalogue Display
  2. Inbuilt Marketing Tools
  3. Restricted Login
  4. ERP integrations
  5. Custom Pricing
  6. Data Analytics
  7. Inventory Management
  8. Multi-Store Functionality
  9. High Data Security
  10. Shipping Partner Integration


All the eCommerce trends and statistics signify that starting a B2B eCommerce store in 2021 will be a profitable step in the ever-expanding world of online marketplaces. All you need to ensure is to develop a highly engaging and user-interactive web store that consists of the best B2B eCommerce website/app features. Companies that will successfully digitize their operations will surely benefit big time by seeing higher sales and increased profitability. So take one step forward and reach out to Quick eSelling experts for more detailed B2B eCommerce solutions.