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Best Ways to Give Your Shoppers a Compelling Digital Experience

June 14, 2021

Customers today have more places to shop than ever before. In addition, the world of eCommerce has brought a significant transformation in consumer behavior. Consumers now wish to shop at the comfort of sitting at their homes and look for stores that offer them the best shopping experience. The competition isn’t just between different brand products but between the service or digital eCommerce experience they deliver to their shoppers.

It might surprise you that over 50% of consumers abandon a website if it takes over ten seconds to load the page. Hence, offering a compelling digital experience to the shoppers is necessary for the growth of your brand. This blog will provide you insights into what a good digital experience means and the ways to achieve it. Let us start!

What does eCommerce Customer Experience Mean? 

eCommerce customer experience can be understood as the perception that a user builds in their mind based on the interaction they have with the brand through their mobile app or website. A customer can have a positive or negative experience with the brand while: 

  • Exploring a brand’s website. 
  • Checking out the products on display.
  • Interacting with an employee of the brand.
  • Going through the check-out procedure. 
  • Getting a delivery of the ordered product. 

Why is it Necessary? The customer is the god when it comes to a business. More number of customers means larger growth for your business. Therefore, to consistently increase your customer base, businesses have to provide an extraordinary shopping experience to their customers. The options available for the consumers have enlarged manifold, and they do not take much time in leaving a brand for its alternative after going through a bad experience.

Hence, the brands must provide an experience beyond the current expectations of the consumers. Also, offering an excellent digital eCommerce experience is one of the best forms of marketing. Though advertising plays a substantial role in driving customers to your website, giving a positive shopping experience encourages word-of-mouth marketing. A web store that delivers a quality shopping experience always has a better customer retention rate. 

Factors that Define a Good Customer Experience

Several factors are involved when we look at the parameters that define a fantastic customer experience. From the brand’s eCommerce store software to their customer service, every little aspect leads to how customers feel about the brand. Some of the essential parameters are as follows:

Digital App Experience of the CustomerThe customer experience begins way before they actually become a paying customer for your business. As soon as the customer opens your website or starts your app, their experience for your brand initiates. That is why you must provide a user interface that is engaging and keeps the attention of the consumers on your products.  

Shopping and Buying Experience of the ProductsA customer will only buy a product from your store if they are well informed about the product they are interested in. To convert the lead into a sale, your site must provide the user an enhanced shopping experience that they love. Keep your users updated about: 

  • Product pricing, specs, and availability.
  • The policy of the product’s brand.
  • Transactional policies of the product such as exchanges, returns, shipping fees, etc. 

Also, ensure that your payment page has various payment options from all leading banks to digital fintech apps. A high number of carts are abandoned if the user does not find their desired choice of payment.  

Post Purchase ExperienceAnother essential parameter that must not be ignored if you wish to achieve a good customer experience is post-purchase service from the brand. Make sure to deliver the product as quickly as possible after the final confirmation. You can also take the following measures:

  • Offer a thank you note for buying a product from a brand. 
  • In case of an issue, try to resolve it at the earliest. 
  • Build consistent communication with the customers in the form of feedback, ratings, etc. 

Top Ways to Achieve Splendid Customer Experience

Having an excellent customer experience is undoubtedly the best way to ensure a larger customer base for your business. Here are some of the ways that will help you achieve an exceptional customer experience.’

Offer a Simple and Interactive Interface for the App: Make sure to have an easy-to-use and interactive app for your store that users can enjoy having fun with. Also, the products listed in the app should be optimized both for computers and smartphones. A high percentage of shoppers use mobile devices to shop in today’s time. 

Build Engaging Product Pages: Product pages are the key resource that helps customers make a choice to buy the product or not. Create user-friendly pages for the product that has all the needed content well-curated with the product images. You can also add a 360° viewing option for the product to help users get an immersed viewing experience. 

Have an Omnichannel Presence: The surging growth of users on different social media channels is a great way to offer your customers the shopping experience they desire. Apart from driving traffic to your store, integrate your web store with different social media platforms where customers can explore and check your products. 

Make Your Checkout Procedure Simple and Fast: No one likes to go through complex payment and checkout procedures while shopping. This is a digital generation, and everyone wants easy and quick solutions for everything that they do. So make sure to keep your pricing method simple, fast and collaborate with different payment gateways

Provide an Effective Customer Service: Effective and swift customer service is immense for providing a magnificent digital eCommerce experience. A high percentage of people rely on customer support for different problems related to the product. Having good service support will ensure a higher satisfaction level for the customers and greater brand loyalty.

Wrapping Up

Having a good customer experience is certainly valuable for the proliferation of a business. How well the experience of your customer with your brand will directly impact its sales and brand value. For young entrepreneurs who are thinking of building an eCommerce store, choose the right eCommerce solution that is efficient in creating apps and websites that deliver a marvelous customer experience.