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Starting an Electronics Online eCommerce Store in 2021

January 5, 2021

The year 2021 will embark as a new era for the generation of the eCommerce sector. Amidst the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce is the one industry that is shining like no other. The strict norms of social distancing have brought a significant change in consumer behavior, which has hugely benefited eCommerce businesses worldwide. Online electronic stores specifically are the biggest beneficiary among all eCommerce niches.

The statistics given by the Business Research Company suggest that electronic eCommerce generated total global revenue of $373.6 Billion in 2020. Furthermore, the online electronics market is rushing at a high pace and is expected to reach a mark of $548.4 Billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 18%. The stats clearly indicate that this is the right time to build an electronic online eCommerce store in 2021 if you wish to become a part of the larger eCommerce segment.

This article will give you insights into how you can start your own electronic eCommerce store and earn a profitable income. Let us begin.

Why Do You Need to Launch an Online Electronics Store?

The ecommerce shopping trends and statistics mentioned-above are sufficient to express the demand for electronic products online. However, there are a plethora of other reasons that you should know about before you launch an electronic eCommerce store for your business. Below-given are some of the top reasons:

●    Work From Home Trend

Though Work From Home trend achieved global identity due to the COVID-19 crisis, it has now become a part of the work culture around the world. The majority of large companies are moving towards a culture of work from home as it saves numerous resources and costs for the organizations. This has resulted in the need for more work-systems, and the demand will eventually increase in the future.

●    Redefined Home Essentials 

Products such as microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, eyebrow or upper-lip hair removal pens, epilators, etc. that were before considered non-essential have turned into essentials post COVID-19 pandemic. People too have become comfortable with their usage and are showing high interest in self-usage of such products.

●    Increase in Sales of Home Entertainment

Home entertainment showed the highest sales in the previous year as people now consider it a necessity rather than a luxury. Even various electronic brands have brought new innovations in the home entertainment systems that attract huge crowds around the entire globe.

●    Enhanced Online Buyers

Millennials are the biggest online consumers in the world. As opposed to older people, they have high command over technology and prefer shopping everything from toothpaste to LED online. As the upcoming times will be ruled by the Millenials, it signifies the surge for online shopping will be enhanced in the coming times.

Besides, people who were afraid of online shopping before, too have learned to use the technology in strict government regulations and are finding it convenient to shop online, which has increased the need for more online businesses.

Must-Have Features of an Online Electronic Store

Consider the given essential features before you build an electronic eCommerce store of your own:

●    Mobile-Friendly Store

This is the generation of smartphone users. Though web applications are still in demand, the future of businesses lies in mobile applications. Mobile shopping alone accounts for over 50% of online transactions. A responsive website that can provide content intuitively is the need of the hour. So it is advisable to build an electronic store that can be accessed by every mobile device for an excellent user-friendly experience and prospective business growth.

●    Detailed Specifications with VR and AR Inclusions

The days of posting one picture with a few bullet points are gone. People now expect to experience online products in real-time. Technologies like VR and AR have made it possible to give an enhanced viewing experience of the products.

Therefore, you must offer a 360° view of your electronic products to the users with every little detail of product specifications. This helps consumers build trust in your eStore and turn the lead into a conversion.

●    User-Generated Reviews

User reviews have an extremely high impact on the sales of electronic products. The majority of people trust the opinions of other buyers before investing their money into some product. Though there always remains a question on the authenticity of reviews in online stores, you can still trace the higher sales growth of products with good reviews.

So make sure to add a review section for every product that you sell online. Leveraging the use of plugins from popular review sites like Yelp, Facebook, etc. will offer an additional benefit to you. 

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●    Bookmarking the Products

Creating a wishlist or bookmarking the products is a feature that is of utmost importance for your online electronic store. Electronics is such a segment in which every user prefers to research the market before making the purchase. Bookmarking the products people wish to buy will accelerate the buying process. The product will remain in the eyes of the consumer, and they will more likely make the purchase. 

●    Advanced Payment Options

Advanced and easy payment options are a must for your online electronics store. A high number of transactions gets abandoned due to the lack of multiple payment options. Customers expect a simple and straightforward payment method of their preferred choice while shopping online. Therefore, ensure your store must be equipped with multiple and advanced payment choices for the users.

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