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Best eCommerce Software in 2022 to start an Online Store

November 11, 2021

Online businesses are the trendiest and quickest way of making it big in the eCommerce industry. Thanks to Covid-19 pandemic, today, consumers are more reliant on online shopping than ever before. In addition, the number of online shoppers has suddenly risen, allowing entrepreneurs to innovate new global online businesses.

To bring new online store ideas to life, entrepreneurs need the best eCommerce software solutions that are effective and profitable. Software requirements may alter from business to business. That is why we have made a list of the best eCommerce software solutions in 2022 in different niches that can tune your business idea to success.   

What is an eCommerce Software?

An eCommerce software is a platform that enables you to introduce, host, and manage an online store. It allows you to build mobile and web applications where you can sell services and products, manage the inventory, and fulfill other operations of a store. eCommerce software are generally cloud-based, which makes them lightweight and easily accessible for global consumers.

Besides, most eCommerce software solutions allow integration with third-party apps making them ideal for customer management and handling accounting operations of the business. eCommerce software are specifically designed to provide a seamless shopping experience from product search to its payment for the user.

To put it in simple words, eCommerce software is a solution that enables you to effectively start an online store and manage it to run a business.

Different Types of eCommerce Software

eCommerce software differs based on the ways of their operations and features. In general, there are three basic types of eCommerce platforms or software.

●      Hosted eCommerce Software

Hosted eCommerce software are the complete online store solution for conducting online business. These hosted platforms provide tools and techniques to build your eCommerce store without having any technical expertise.

Furthermore, they offer all kinds of software solutions for distinct business fields and their needs. These kinds of software solutions save us from worrying about infrastructure-related concerns. Typically, such ecommerce software have subscription-based models with various pricing tiers that you can choose to depend on your feature requirements.

There are various popular fully hosted eCommerce platforms such as Quick eSelling, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, etc. Basically, they are a suitable option for beginners who are just stepping into the world of eCommerce and are short on in-house technical resources.

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●      Self-Hosted eCommerce Software

As the name states, self-hosted eCommerce software solutions are used to build online stores that are hosted by the business organization itself. Since the store would be self-hosted, you will have to set up a server where the website can be hosted. That online server would mark as your base from where you will run your business and its different operations. 

Self-hosted platforms provide a central support system of the user community, which you can leverage to solve your technical issues. In short, troubleshooting your store problems is your responsibility, and you can take any help if required.

Self-hosted ecommerce solutions seem more feasible at first. However, eventually, they can cost even higher than fully hosted solutions. To sum it up, you must have some technical knowledge if you are interested in hosting a online store on your own. 

●      Open-Source

Open-source eCommerce software are the software solutions that allows the original source code of any digital solution to be available online for free viewing and modification. Due to its open-source nature, the software solutions can endlessly customize websites and apps built with these software solutions. 

The open-source software solutions are apt for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to create a hundred percent unique store with features that have never been seen before. Some of the classic examples of open-source eCommerce software are Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, and more.

Best eCommerce Software Solutions in 2022

A reliable and efficient software solution helps run your business operations smoothly and makes your business work in the direction of success. Therefore, we have enlisted some of the top eCommerce software to start online store that are ruling the market right now. Let us check them out down below:

●      Quick eSelling

Quick eSelling is an enterprise eCommerce software that empowers users to build tailor-fit mobile and web software solutions from scratch. The ecommerce platform offers multiple useful features such as app analytics and reports, order history, order tracking, and more that make running operations and optimizing the store for success. You can also avail many SEO-friendly features in this software.

Quick eSelling is the best ecommerce sofwtare that all business verticals can leverage to create their own responsive, attractive, and secure eCommerce stores. Further, Quick eSelling is completely free that makes it ideal ecommerce software to use for businesses of all kinds, from startups to SMEs to large-scale enterprises. Unlike other free ecommerce software, Quick eSelling allows to upload 1 thousand products in the free plan without any transaction fees.

●      Shopify

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the most prominent eCommerce software in the industry. It has successfully created over a million websites for all kinds of industries and businesses. The platform offers easy usability and an in-built point of sale system along with various other SEO and marketing tools to manage the website rankings.

Shopify also provides a mobile app from where you can control the operations of your store. The only disadvantage of using Shopify is that it allows customization only through the Shopify team, which means limited features.

●      Magento

Magento is an open-source eCommerce software solution that allows you to create web applications using drag-and-drop customizations. The ecommerce software is well-known for its astonishing graphic designs and solutions to build engaging and attractive web stores. A few key features of Magento include seamless order management and customer segmentation. 

A big and valid reason why many users prefer to use other eCommerce software over Magento is its high cost. It might not be suitable for beginner entrepreneurs who have limited financial support and can not spend lavishly on buying unique features. 

●      BigCommerce

BigCommerce can be termed as one of the best eCommerce software that has been designed by millions of websites for businesses around the globe. Big Commerce is an ecommerce platform particularly designed considering the needs of different businesses. Hence, it offers numerous pragmatic tools and features that allow users to customize a store of their choices and preferences.

The highlights of BigCommerce are the availability of multiple themes, easy payment checkouts, and integration with WordPress. Though it is a viable option for many businesses, spending buck loads of money on themes and plugins can be expensive for a few low-cost businesses.

●      Shopware

Shopware is another popular eCommerce software to start an online store for your business. The software is an open source and offers four different editions for users to start with its services. Shopware provides easy to build, drag & drop-enabled functions to create an online store of your choice.

Websites developed with Shopware are considered of high quality and are extremely popular amongst the masses because of their attractive and engaging web designs. The platform helps build apps that are search-engine friendly and optimizes your website for higher rankings in SERPs.

●      Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart is a leading eCommerce software that is built using an agile methodology so that it can produce highly efficient and scalable digital store solutions. When it comes to create online marketplaces, Yo!Kart is the best ecommerce software that offers a wide set of options for vendor management, order management, and catalog management.

Unlike other software solutions, Yo!Kart can be fully customized and provides third-party integrations. Yo!Kart has essential features such as a cart abandonment recovery system, pick and pay at the store, multiple payment gateways, etc.

●      OpenCart

OpenCart is capturing the eyes of many developers and entrepreneurs because of the enormous capabilities it offers to its users. OpenCart is open-source ecommerce software and free to use for users. However, the cloud rates may apply when you buy a server for hosting your store. It has successively made over three hundred thousand applications until now.

It is widely popular because of its straightforward interface that lets you handle business operations effortlessly. It also includes 13,000 modules, themes, and extensions that anyone can leverage to build their online store.

Wrapping Up

eCommerce businesses are thriving expeditiously. Designing your online store using these wonderful ecommerce software applications is certainly a profitable step for your business. Though all the software mentioned above are best in class, choosing the best eCommerce software must be done considering your business and budgetary requirements. Sometimes it’s helpful to speak to IT consulting company and afterwards to make the final decision.