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Benefits of Choosing a Hosted eCommerce Platform for Your Online Business

June 6, 2022

The global eCommerce industry is one of the biggest industries of all time, with a valuation of $13.0 Trillion in 2021. Every entrepreneur and enterprise wishes to start their eCommerce venture and obtain significant gains from the eCommerce sector. However, people often are confused about whether to start their own website or use the services of a hosted eCommerce platform for their online stores. 

Though having your personal eCommerce website isn’t a bad idea, it demands extensive time, energy, and involvement in the process. Conversely, with a free eCommerce platform, all the tedious tasks get automated and streamlined so that you can solely focus on selling products in your store. 

There are various other advantages of leveraging a hosted eCommerce platform for your business that we will go through in this blog. Let us begin! 

Why Need a Hosted eCommerce Platform to Commence your Online Business?

Building an eCommerce store and making it successful isn’t a cakewalk. Whether you choose to create a website on your own or pick a free eCommerce platform to build your online store, the challenges to success are many. 

However, if you leverage a hosted platform for your online business, you might get substantial benefits that we will discuss down below:

No Hosting Issues

Foremostly, the best merit of leveraging a hosted eCommerce platform for your business is you get free from all stresses of hosting and managing a server. Maintaining a server can be extremely challenging, especially if you are new to it. 

It requires monitoring all the activities happening on the server and needs consistent maintenance routines to work properly. But with hosted platforms, you can eliminate this worry and just focus on running your business. 

Save More on Initial Investments

One of the biggest advantages of starting your online store on a hosted eCommerce platform is low initial investment requirements. The money needed to build the infrastructure of your own eCommerce website is extremely high. From developing hardware to software, it costs a plethora of money and if you are a new entrepreneur, bearing all these costs is a tough situation to handle. 

On the other hand, eCommerce platform providers bear all the financial burdens to build and even maintain your store at a fair subscription price which surely is a better way to start with your business.  

Get an Upgraded Security

When you run an eCommerce store, securing your customer data and information is the most crucial thing. Any data breach can lead to severe consequences and a bad reputation for your brand. That is why incorporating a reliable hosted eCommerce platform for your services can provide you peace of mind. 

These platforms are run by industry experts and they take all the appropriate measures to secure the privacy of your customer data. On the contrary, if you decide to take another route and build your own eCommerce website, you will have to leverage the best security measures yourself to ensure no undesired data leak happens. 

Scale Your Business Effortlessly When Needed

Scalability is of great concern when starting a dynamic business such as eCommerce. Once your brand gets good brand awareness and becomes prominent, the customers will jump onto your website with a bang. 

At such time, hosted eCommerce platforms greatly handle the situation by upgrading your platform to serve the inflated traffic. However, with a self-hosted platform, it becomes really difficult to handle the user traffic, and the website may crash again and again until fixed, which may take a huge amount of time.  

Seamless User Experience with Well-Defined Architecture 

A well-defined and sophisticated architecture is the backbone of any digital solution. The simpler the architecture, the more efficiently it would work and provide an enhanced user experience. 

The benefit of working with a hosted eCommerce platform is they have worked with thousands of clients and have developed a perfect framework that you can leverage to run your store. Higher the quality and structure of architecture, the tremendous the user experience you can offer to your users. 

Better Time to Market

Hosted eCommerce platforms facilitate the quickest way to start your online business. Hosted platforms usually have already-built solutions which you can utilize to start the basic operations for your store. 

In case you need any customizations, they can be easily implemented without hampering the store operations. Conversely, for a self-hosted eCommerce website, it can take up to 4-6 months just to build your application. 

Customize Features to Your Store that you Need

Specific stores may need certain features in their store that makes them unique from their competition. Hence, to fulfill it, best eCommerce software allow you to customize your store as per your business need. 

However, it is important that you do a little homework yourself and determines essential features that are a must for your store so that the store can be built with the right intent and produce desired results.

Tremendous Support and Maintenance Services

Although with a hosted eCommerce platform, you won’t face many maintenance issues, in case you get some, you will have a team of experts to support you. Skilled IT professionals would be available to you via the hosting platform to take care of all the persisting problems and make sure your business runs smoothly. 

Ready to Start Your Online Store with a Hosted eCommerce Platform? 

Hosted eCommerce platform surely gives you an advantage and ease of working. Unlike other methods where you have to consistently struggle to make things right, starting a store with a free eCommerce platform undoubtedly is a simpler way of doing the same things with better efficiency. So, build your online eCommerce store today with Quick eSelling and take the first steps to become an eCommerce success.  

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